Hospice Care Financial Options

Understanding financial options for your loved can be a daunting task for you as the caregiver. It is important to understand what programs are available including private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and other government supported programs.

Private Insurance and Health Maintenance Organizations

Check with your insurance company or HMO to determine your coverage, many offer palliative care benefits.


A federally funded insurance program for 65 + or under 65 who have a chronic condition or a disability.

  • Part A – (Hospital insurance)
  • Part B – (Medical insurance)
  • Part D – (Prescription drug coverage)

For more detailed information on Medicare coverage, visit the Medicare website and the Medicare Rights Center.


A federal and state program that provides health insurance for people with limited income. For more information on Medicaid coverage, visit the Medicaid website.

Financial Caregiving

If your loved one is having a difficult time managing their money, it may be time to investigate financial caregiving options. This new term is used to describe helping someone pay their bills or managing all their finances. For more details, visit The National Palliative Care and Organization website.