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How Can Palliative Care Help?
Palliative Care is all about ensuring the wellbeing, solace, and quality of life for someone with a life-limiting illness. Care includes the whole person and all the people who matter. That's just one of the benefits of whole person care.
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01 May

When Ava turned 7 years old, she decided she didn't want any presents for her birthday, but instead asked people to donate to the hospice that cared for Michelle, her favorite aunt who had just died at age 40 of cervical cancer.

01 May

Helen was able to attend her granddaughter Elaine’s wedding. Her family couldn't help but be amazed and thankful to be able to celebrate that special event as a family.

24 Feb

A pediatric palliative care team can help families cherish every moment. 

Support Team

Palliative or hospice care is supported by a multidisciplinary team of specialists, led by a doctor. This team includes nurses, social workers, nurse practitoners, physician assistants, medical professionals and trained volunteers, who provide an extra level of support to patients and their families. 

team of specialists