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What Does a Palliative Doctor Do?

A doctor specializing in palliative medicine provides care and support as you and your loved ones face the many challenges of living with a serious illness. While your other doctors focus on your general health or treating your disease or condition, palliative doctors concentrate on preventing and alleviating suffering and improving your quality of life.

Compassionate palliative care succeeds when there is a team approach. The team usually includes the palliative doctor, nurses, and other professionals, who work closely with your doctor.

Providing Care and Support

The elements of palliative care require regular, open communication among you, your loved ones, and your doctors. The ultimate goal is to ensure that you and your loved ones know what care and support are available to you and to help you get it as you live with a difficult illness. If a cure isn’t possible, the team can help you achieve quality time through a hospice program, whether in your own home, at a hospice facility, or in a hospital.

Patients and their loved ones who have worked with a palliative care team say it has made a real and positive difference in their health care and their lives.

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